Monday, October 5, 2009

Heath Freak!! Lol

Hey Yall...
Man Its Been Forever Since I Made A Post :[
I've Been So Busy With School And Things
But I'm Gonna Find Time To Post Atleast Once Or Twice A Week

So I Was Lookin At Yahoo Today And I Saw A Link That Said "How To Live To 100" 
It Has A Lot Of Good Advise On How To Be Healthy And Live Healthy
And For Some Reason I've Been Really Interested In Health
And Maybe Even Pursuing A Career In Health
Soooooooooooo...Starting Today
Every Week I'm Gonna Post About Ways To Live A Healthy Life

These's A Lot Of Things Im Gonna Start Posting About So Stay Tuned!!! :)

So Anyways Back To How to Live To 100...

So It Turns Out That Our Body Was Designed To Live To 100 
(WOW That's What's Up!! Lol) 
We Have Just Got In The Way Of Being Able To
We Aren't  Living Healthy Lifes
So We Are Dying Younger

Some Poor Habits That We Have That Effect Our Health Are...

1. Poor diet  
2. Lack of exercise  
3. Stress and worry 
4. Exhaustion 
5. Unhappiness  
6. Lack of love 
7. Toxic overload 
8. Blockages and congestion of the transportation highways within our bodies.

Follow These Steps To Stay Healthy And Live To 100

1. Drink more water
2. Eat like a centenarian
3. Restore with regular rest
4. Take the stairs! 
5. Manage your stress. 
6. Detoxify your surroundings. 

Fact!!!!!  It takes 14 to 21 days of repetitive behavior to form a new pattern in your brain. Once the pattern is formed, it becomes an automatic behavioral response.

Want More Info On How To Live To 100??? Read The Article>>>