Friday, July 31, 2009


I got a new camera guys!!!!! YAY! lol It was only $69.99 at Target and its pink (my fave color) and it came with rechargeable batteries and a batteries charger =) I'm so excited to finally have my own, lol, I always had to borrow my mom's camera and she wouldn't even let me take it out of the house lol. So I'll def be putting way more pictures up!!!

I just bought this book called "The Fashion Book" and Teen Vogue yesterday. The book is 500 of the world's top designers, models, photographers, hair stylist, and make up artist. I figured that if I'm gonna be serious about this whole fashion business I should learn everything I can about the business from every angle. I can't wait to fill my head with all this fashionable knowledge lol, but that's a whole different post.
So my boyfriend (well we're actually on break right now) is going back to Nebraska for school :( this will be his 2nd year there. He leaves August 16th :( I really wish he would go to school here in Minnesota because I miss him so much when he's gone, but I know that if it was me I'd wanna leave too. It's just so hard being in a long distance relationship, I mean I really do want to be with him but I'm beginning to wonder if we're even gonna last. This summer has been really hard on the relationship, like I said we're on a break right now. He says that he wants to be with me but he's so bad at being in a relationship, idk I guess he doesn't know how to show his feelings or stuff like that. He's not a bad guy, he treats me right, he doesn't disrespect me or nethang like that, idk how to explain it, he's just a lil clueless on somethings lol. Idk he says he's not ready right now and that he just needs sometime and I'm gonna wait because I do love him and want to be with him. I'm not gonna wait forever tho, I mean there are billions of dudes out there. So I've come to the conclusion that I'm going to give him exactly 2 months, lol. I'm not gonna talk to no dudes, just be friends and stay a single girl. If 2 months go by and he hasn't even called or texted me, or shown ne signs of wanting to get bac 2gether then I'm just gonna move on. I'm not going to hook up with the first guy that hollas or nuthin like that, I'm still gonna be waiting to see if he wants to get bac 2gether but well, I'ma have my fun while I'm waitin lol. Man, this is just so wack. I'm not scared of the future or nuthin like that but I wonder what things will be like in the next 5 months.
What do yall think, am I being stupid by seriously waiting for him to get his stuff 2gether? Should I just call it quits and move on? What do yall think I should do about this situation. Does nebody have ne advice on how to have the best long distance relationship without being too clingy?? HELP ME OUT YALL lol
(I'll put some pics on this post later, I have to go start working, lol)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

America's Top 20 Party Schools??

So I just got an e-mail from (best site for college scholarships!!!) and it was titled "America's Top 20 Party Schools". So I decided to go check out the list and well, idk none of my schools that I'm interested in were on there, so I guess that's good right?? lol Seriouly though I'm not a party girl so I could careless if the colleges I'm interested in are party schools or not, but all of my choises are HBCU's and I seriously thought that atleast one of my choices would be on the list cause everybody always talks about how "HBCUs are just party schools" and "they don't take education seriously". Obviously the ones I like aren't that bad if they aint make the Top 20 lol.

Here's the list...

20. Arizona State University, Tempe, Ariz.
19. Tulane University, New Orleans, La.
18. University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, N.D.
17. Sewanee: The University of the South, Sewanee, Tenn.
16. University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tenn.
15. DePauw University, Greencastle, Ind.
14. Indiana University, Bloomington, Ind.
13. Union College, Schenectady, N.Y.
12. University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa
11. University of Colorado, Boulder, Colo.
10. University of California-Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, Calif.
9. Florida State University, Tallahassee, Fla.
8. University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis.
7. University of Texas, Austin, Texas
6. West Virginia University, Morgantown, W.Va.
5. Ohio University, Athens, Ohio
4. University of Georgia, Athens, Ga.
3. University of Mississippi, Oxford, Miss.
2. University of Florida, Gainesville, Fla.
1. Penn State University, State College, Pa.

What do yall think?? Does anyone go to one of these schools or want to go to one of these schools??

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sad Video :( lol

See I wanted to make a video for you guys today but well I started it and I accidentally started talking about my other blog, lol so go check it out. Here's the stupid

So today was just a regular day. I went to work, then came home. Nothing really crazy happened at work today. Well this lady did make me super mad, lol. When I shelve books I have to put them in alphabetical order and this library is stupid big, A - B Journals are on the 3rd floor, C- Z Journals are on the 2nd floor, and books with call numbers are on the 4th floor. So I have to put the A - B books on a different cart than the C - Z books. I have a special place where I alphabetize the journals, way in the back of the library. Why?? Cause it's quiet, warm, and no one ever goes back there. Well today this old lady decided that she wanted to sit there and study. I had the journals on the table in order and she just sat there and moved them over and messed up my whole process. I was sooooooooooo mad, lol.

I get paid 2morro. I'm super excited!!! I've been trying to figure out all week what Im going to buy. After budgeting I figured that I'll probably have around $300 spending money. I really want the new DSi (I love Cooking Mama lol) because I would have something to do at work while I 'm sitting there bored, but I really want the iPod Touch cause I just love all the different features that it has, but I really want a new phone with an unlimited everything plan, lol. I have been going back and forth all day trying to decide which one I want to buy, whether I should just get them all with every check I get this summer, or maybe should I just choose 1 to buy this whole summer, or if maybe I should just say 4get it and go on a shopping spree at the MOA (Mall of America for those of you who don't live in MN, lol). Tell me what you guys think I should do. Does neone have ne of the things I listed (smart phone, iTouch, DSi). What do you like about it. I really need to figure out what I wanna get lol. Who ever knew spending money would be so frustrating lol.

I'll let you guys know what I decide to get and post pics of whatever I buy.

See u Later :) ♥♥♥

Monday, July 27, 2009

Life as a shelver/pager lol...

See...Im Suppa Bored...Lol

Man I hate my job ={ lol ok I dont hate it, I mean it aint all that, all I do is shelf books at a library ona college campus. It's called the BioMedical Library. Its so weird, there be some very interesting people there. Like there's this old guy who is there every morning when I come in (I get to work at 9) and he leaves between 4:00 or 4:30. Idk if he's homeless but he wears mittens and a light jacket ( be like 80 degrees out lol) I mean yea it be a lil cold in there but not that cold I pass his table he stares at kinda freaks me out a bit...nd he has newspapers and books spread across the table and sometimes he be sleep wit a pencil in his hand like he fell asleep while he was writing lol...and he has like 50,000 banana peels on the table lol. So why is he there?? I really dont know, I seriously doubt he's studying to be a doctor, I mean I wouldn't want him to be my doctor, lol. Then there's people who are there sleeping and getting on the computers and bringing 10,000 tennis balls and huge luggage bags lol...idk what they are doing...idk sometimes I wonder what these people do outside of the library lol its really weird.

Omg and then there's the bus ride home, see I have to take a bus downtown then catch another bus from downtown to my house. I seriously hate public transportation. Once these 4 ladies (probably between the ages 20 - 30) got on the bus with like 10 kids all probably under 10 and they were all saying mommy this and mommy that...I was like what the heck, how in the world do they have so many kids, lol. I 4real thought it was like a daycare lol. and then there's the 100 years old niggas wanna be players who try and holla at me, like 2day I was on my second bus goin home, and this guy got on the bus and came and sat right next to me, now in my mind im like "4real nigga, there's like millions of seats open on this bus, why is you sittin next to me???!!!" well he either read my mind or just read my facial expressions cuz he was like "i saw how pretty you was and I just had to sit next 2 u" lol now I find it suppa funny when dudes TRY and spit game it be so hard for me 2 hold back the urge to crack up laughin (sometimes I cant lol) but 2day I was juss like wow, laughed in my mind, looked at him crazy, den put my ipod on the highest volume possible i guess he took the hint cause he aint say squat to me the rest of the bus ride but wen he got off he walked pass my window and waved, again i threw him a crazy look then focused my attention on the passin cars lol. At moments like these I really wish I woulda got my permit when I was 15 (I'll be 18 in Sept. lol) I seriously need to go take these drivers ed classes so I wont have to take the bus nemore and see these crazy, weird, stank, random people nemore. I cant lie though sometimes I love public transportation, I saw the finest bus driver the other day lol, he had to be like early 20s, I wonder why he's a bus driver???

Well Im gettin kinda's only idk I like to get my 8 hours of sleep lol (i wake up at 6:45 :(...every morning)


Monday, July 20, 2009

Chis Brown Apology

Hmmmmmmmm...ok idk but this dont seem all that sincere to me, to be honest he look like he was reading off some cards that somebody was holdin up in the background, that his publicist wrote for him. Idk maybe he really do mean what he sayin but this video seemed real fake. Idk I never was a Chris Brown fan so maybe it's just me. What do yall think about this so call'd apology??

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I Just Wanna Be Happy...

Do you ever wonder what your life would be like if you were still with a certain somebody??

Today I was thinking about my ex because I found out that he is moving to another state and I just couldn't help but wonder what it would be like if I was still with him. I met him through a friend about a little over a year ago. At first I wasn't very interested in him because I had just got out of a relationship before and was just so fed up with guys. I just wanted to take a break. So I wouldn't reply to him messages on Myspace or call him, but he just wouldn't give up. I knew his cousin and a few of his friends and they all told me how much this dude was really fellin me. They said that he always talked about me and said how much he really really liked me, and how much he wanted to get to know me and make me his girl. Well like every girl I was supa flattered by all the nice things he would say to me and I finally decided to just go head and give him a chance. I think that was the best but at the same time worst choice that I ever made in my life. He was the perfect boyfriend, he called like 3 times a day, stopped hanging around people that were bad influences, stopped drinking and smoking, came to see me whenever I asked, and my family loved him. I fell so hard for him, he was my first love. I loved him more than anything in this whole world, and he told me that he loved me even more than I loved him. He was everything I could ever want in a boyfriend. Then out of nowhere he started acting 4real weird, he stopped calling and whenever I did talk to him it would only be for like 5 minutes then he would say "let me call you back"...he never did. Now I was like hold up wait a minute what in the world is going on. He started sayin weird stuff on his Myspace like, "I liked my old life better" and just stuff that was pretty bogus. One day I invited him over to my house for a BBQ and everything was koo at first but then my brothers wanted to play basketball and I asked if he wanted to play with us and he was like no (now just to let yall know, he always played with my lil bros when they asked him to play so this was so not him) So I asked him did he want to go on a walk with me instead because I had planned on asking him what was going on and if he still wanted to be in this relationship, but when we went on the walk he started getting all lovey dovey so I figured maybe he just was having a bad day but he wanted to make it better or something. I started to get suppa suspicious after that so I logged onto his Myspace to see if maybe I could figure out why the sudden change, or if maybe there was someone else. Turns out there was :( So I dumped him with out even an explanation and told him to never talk to me again. I was so heart broken, I believed everything he told me and took it to heart. About a week later he called and swore on everything that he hadn't cheated, even though he told all his friends that he in fact had cheated. You know what he told me, he said "just cause you write something on Myspace don't mean its true, I was just sayin that to be cool" I was so mad at him cause I knew he was lyin but I loved him so much and I decided to give him another chance. Things were never the same. We broke up. We made up. We broke up. We made up. That went on for a whole year. Just recently was I able to finally see that I meant nothing to him, even though he said that I meant the world to him.

I hate that I ever gave him my heart because to me that is something I will never get back. It's like he took my heart from me and wont give it back. I still love and care for him so much, as a friend, but we will never be a couple again and from the looks of it, we wont even be friends ever again. I really wish I could erase him from my memory, or find a guy who could replace those memories with good ones, but I have failed at that attempt. To find a guy who really cares, or maybe it's just that I've been hurt so much that and I cant see that the guy I'm with now really does care and love me.

I think that right now, at this very moment, I am going to let go of all the bad things that guys have done to me. Let go of all the hurt and pain. I'm moving on as a new woman, who is no longer looking for love. No longer waiting for love. Right now...

I just wanna be happy...

The Beginning...

So this here is my first blog here on LifeofKayBee. So let me start this of by letting yall know who I am. My name's Kayvona B. and I stay in the App. Ima be 18 in Sept, I CANT WAIT, lol. I'm gonna be a senior this fall!! (2010 all day baby, lol) Im a pretty nice girl and I get along with pretty much everybody. I dont have any enemies, but I do got haters, but I love them cause they makin me famous, lol. I love to have fun, I am supper goofy, and sometimes people misinterpret me and think I'm just stupid, when really that's not the case. I do goofy stuff on purpose because I just like being goofy. I love to laugh, so anyone who can make me laugh is def a keepers. I get bored very easily, lol, and I have a suppa sort attention span. I love to read, I will be tellin yall about all the books I read but gotta know they are gone b suppa good. A lot of people tell me I have a lot of potential to be someone great someday. I have a huge passion for business. So it's probably obvious that I love to be the leader, lol. Im just a natural boss, lol. This summer Im gonna be workin on startin ma own t-shirt business, which hopefully will evolve into a full fledged clothing line. I'll be taking yall on that journey with me. I do have another blog about sneakers, go check it out, Well I hope yall enjoy my blog!!!