Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Beginning...

So this here is my first blog here on LifeofKayBee. So let me start this of by letting yall know who I am. My name's Kayvona B. and I stay in the App. Ima be 18 in Sept, I CANT WAIT, lol. I'm gonna be a senior this fall!! (2010 all day baby, lol) Im a pretty nice girl and I get along with pretty much everybody. I dont have any enemies, but I do got haters, but I love them cause they makin me famous, lol. I love to have fun, I am supper goofy, and sometimes people misinterpret me and think I'm just stupid, when really that's not the case. I do goofy stuff on purpose because I just like being goofy. I love to laugh, so anyone who can make me laugh is def a keepers. I get bored very easily, lol, and I have a suppa sort attention span. I love to read, I will be tellin yall about all the books I read but gotta know they are gone b suppa good. A lot of people tell me I have a lot of potential to be someone great someday. I have a huge passion for business. So it's probably obvious that I love to be the leader, lol. Im just a natural boss, lol. This summer Im gonna be workin on startin ma own t-shirt business, which hopefully will evolve into a full fledged clothing line. I'll be taking yall on that journey with me. I do have another blog about sneakers, go check it out, Well I hope yall enjoy my blog!!!


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  2. hey I see you were born in sept. too!! when's your bday?...i'm on the 13th; virgo baby! lol

  3. Mines is the 19th!! Sept. babies are the best, lol