Monday, July 27, 2009

Life as a shelver/pager lol...

See...Im Suppa Bored...Lol

Man I hate my job ={ lol ok I dont hate it, I mean it aint all that, all I do is shelf books at a library ona college campus. It's called the BioMedical Library. Its so weird, there be some very interesting people there. Like there's this old guy who is there every morning when I come in (I get to work at 9) and he leaves between 4:00 or 4:30. Idk if he's homeless but he wears mittens and a light jacket ( be like 80 degrees out lol) I mean yea it be a lil cold in there but not that cold I pass his table he stares at kinda freaks me out a bit...nd he has newspapers and books spread across the table and sometimes he be sleep wit a pencil in his hand like he fell asleep while he was writing lol...and he has like 50,000 banana peels on the table lol. So why is he there?? I really dont know, I seriously doubt he's studying to be a doctor, I mean I wouldn't want him to be my doctor, lol. Then there's people who are there sleeping and getting on the computers and bringing 10,000 tennis balls and huge luggage bags lol...idk what they are doing...idk sometimes I wonder what these people do outside of the library lol its really weird.

Omg and then there's the bus ride home, see I have to take a bus downtown then catch another bus from downtown to my house. I seriously hate public transportation. Once these 4 ladies (probably between the ages 20 - 30) got on the bus with like 10 kids all probably under 10 and they were all saying mommy this and mommy that...I was like what the heck, how in the world do they have so many kids, lol. I 4real thought it was like a daycare lol. and then there's the 100 years old niggas wanna be players who try and holla at me, like 2day I was on my second bus goin home, and this guy got on the bus and came and sat right next to me, now in my mind im like "4real nigga, there's like millions of seats open on this bus, why is you sittin next to me???!!!" well he either read my mind or just read my facial expressions cuz he was like "i saw how pretty you was and I just had to sit next 2 u" lol now I find it suppa funny when dudes TRY and spit game it be so hard for me 2 hold back the urge to crack up laughin (sometimes I cant lol) but 2day I was juss like wow, laughed in my mind, looked at him crazy, den put my ipod on the highest volume possible i guess he took the hint cause he aint say squat to me the rest of the bus ride but wen he got off he walked pass my window and waved, again i threw him a crazy look then focused my attention on the passin cars lol. At moments like these I really wish I woulda got my permit when I was 15 (I'll be 18 in Sept. lol) I seriously need to go take these drivers ed classes so I wont have to take the bus nemore and see these crazy, weird, stank, random people nemore. I cant lie though sometimes I love public transportation, I saw the finest bus driver the other day lol, he had to be like early 20s, I wonder why he's a bus driver???

Well Im gettin kinda's only idk I like to get my 8 hours of sleep lol (i wake up at 6:45 :(...every morning)


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  1. LMBO this post was too funny!!! sound like me...all i do is look at "old yellaz" funny; never say a word when they try to holla!! && it's so sad, pathetic, just NASTY cuz although i'm 22; i look anywhere from 12 to 17!! so these guys are just a hott mess!!! lol...