Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sad Video :( lol

See I wanted to make a video for you guys today but well I started it and I accidentally started talking about my other blog http://www.thekickzchick.blogspot.com/, lol so go check it out. Here's the stupid video...lol.

So today was just a regular day. I went to work, then came home. Nothing really crazy happened at work today. Well this lady did make me super mad, lol. When I shelve books I have to put them in alphabetical order and this library is stupid big, A - B Journals are on the 3rd floor, C- Z Journals are on the 2nd floor, and books with call numbers are on the 4th floor. So I have to put the A - B books on a different cart than the C - Z books. I have a special place where I alphabetize the journals, way in the back of the library. Why?? Cause it's quiet, warm, and no one ever goes back there. Well today this old lady decided that she wanted to sit there and study. I had the journals on the table in order and she just sat there and moved them over and messed up my whole process. I was sooooooooooo mad, lol.

I get paid 2morro. I'm super excited!!! I've been trying to figure out all week what Im going to buy. After budgeting I figured that I'll probably have around $300 spending money. I really want the new DSi (I love Cooking Mama lol) because I would have something to do at work while I 'm sitting there bored, but I really want the iPod Touch cause I just love all the different features that it has, but I really want a new phone with an unlimited everything plan, lol. I have been going back and forth all day trying to decide which one I want to buy, whether I should just get them all with every check I get this summer, or maybe should I just choose 1 to buy this whole summer, or if maybe I should just say 4get it and go on a shopping spree at the MOA (Mall of America for those of you who don't live in MN, lol). Tell me what you guys think I should do. Does neone have ne of the things I listed (smart phone, iTouch, DSi). What do you like about it. I really need to figure out what I wanna get lol. Who ever knew spending money would be so frustrating lol.

I'll let you guys know what I decide to get and post pics of whatever I buy.

See u Later :) ♥♥♥


  1. loveee the blogg.!!
    thanks for following.

    i'll follow you too.!!

  2. Lol thank you, Im gonna try nd make a better video sometime this week lol

  3. damn, she messed up all your hard work. smh!

    I have the DS, not the DSi and I love it..so I assume the dsi is just as dope!
    The ipod touch is great, my cousin has one of those. I'd say get yourself a smart phone first, then work on the rest of it.