Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Best Friends...Forever :(

Man, this week has been a lil hard because it was my best friends birthday yesterday, but she is no longer here 2 celebrate it. She would have been 17. It's still so crazy, her being gone, she was murdered outside of a grad party in June 07. Shots rang out while she was outside waiting, with her bro nd boifriend, for her ride. She was shot in the head and her boifriend held her as she took her last breathe. It was unbelieveable what happened. I never thought that I would lose my best friend to gang violence. I wish she was still here. I mean this would have been our senior year at EHS, we had so much planned, we were goin to join every club, even the somali club, lol. She touched so many peoples lives, over 1000 people attended her funeral, mostly whom were teens. It's still really hard to go through life because so much has happened since she died and most days I wish I could call her and tell her tons of stuff. This school years gonna b really hard for me nd my friends but we kno that Charez is gonna be lookin down at us smilin when we walk across that stage to get our diplomas, I just wish that she could be there with us. RIP Charez L. Jones...You Are Truly Missed :"( 8-3-92 to 6-9-07

At Her Funeral

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  1. I also lost my best friend to gang violence. I feel your pain. God Bless you baby girl.