Friday, August 14, 2009


Hay Yall!!! Man it has been forever since my last blog. So I guess I should just do some updates...

First off,


I will be doing a giveaway sometime this month but you have to follow my blog in order to be entered into it. So follow, follow, follow!!! lol

Second off,

I am in LOVE!!! LOL I'll talk more about that later :)


I am so excited for school to start! I'm going to be a student ambassador at my school, and we get to kind of like mentor freshmen and new students. I'm really excited, we get to organize a freshman orientation and do a ton of fun stuff with them. I think it's going to be a very good experience. I SO HAPPY TO BE A SENIOR!!!! lol lamo

And last but def not least...

My boyfriend is leaving :"( He's off to Western Nebraska Community College on Sunday. He's a sophomore and it is his second year there. I going to miss him so much :( We have been through sooooooooo much through this relationship and we have been on a lil break since July but I honesty can say I'm actually glad we took this break. We have got so much closer and I think that we have both realized that what we have together is so amazingly good, lol. It's still a lil hard because we still got somethings that we both need to work on but I know that we are both trying are best and in the long run everything will be worth it. Our 1 year anniversery is coming up in October. I'm so excited, lol, but we prolly wont be able to celebrate it till Thanksgiving break when he's home from school. Maybe I can talk him into to coming home earlier lol.

Does anybody have any advice on maintaining a strong long distance relationship??
What are your feelings about school starting??
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Till next time♥

Kayvona B.

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