Saturday, August 1, 2009


I just wanted to post picz of my doggie lol, well he's really my brothers doggie, lol. He's a pug and his name is Zac (we didn't name him lol)
(he's so ugly, he looks like a old grandpa, lol)
This is the doggie I want...

I'd name her Cupcake, lol


  1. omg that's so said he was ugly & posted your dream dog!!! lol...I adore pugs...everyone laughs because they say they're "ugly" but i really think their little smushed faces are the cutest!! lol..i want a brown one!! ;D

    Cupcake is adorable tho!! lol

  2. OMG AWWWW the last puppy is SO CUTEEEE :)

  3. lmaoo how u call that dog ugly??lol i think he's a cool dog but hey ths jus my opinion lol
    i love yorkies..i knew sumone that had a beautifulone but a ignorant female let it go n claimed it ran away...smh

    hey fee free to stop by anytime,girl,and peep my blog! i'd love the visit =)