Saturday, August 1, 2009

Thrift Shops??


So I was looking at the August 09 Teen Vogue (one of my favorite magazines) and I was so inspired by all the different styles and fashion and it made me want to redo my who wardrobe, lol. Usually I just buy wat I think is cute but now I'm heading towards more of a certain style. I really like to wear sneakers and hip hop clothing but I love to be classy and rock a pair of heels every now and then. I really like the whole haute couture and runway looks that the huge designers do. Now I'm not ballin so I can't really go out buying Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Nine West, DKNY, and all of those other expensive brands. I stick more to the Baby Phat, South Pole, you know, urban affordable brands. I mean if I had the money I would def buy all the expensive designer clothing, bags, and shoes. So while I was looking threw my mag, I came across an article called Recessionistas. It talked about little rich girls and how they go to consignment stores to get all the designer clothing, shoes, and bags for good prices. Talkin bout they found a suppa cute pair of jeans for $50. Now being the hood, ain't got that much money girl that I am, lol, I was like what the heck! How does this help me in anyway!! I want the cute designer stuff for cheap too but I aint got $50 dollars to spend on a cute pair of jeans that are originally $300, I mean yea that's a good deal, but I still can't afford it. :( So I was a lil mad about that, wondering why they would put an article about saving money for girls who have tons of money rather than for girls who don't have all that much money and can't just go to daddy and ask for $100.

So 2day we went out to eat at Old Country Buffet and I decided to pay for the whole family. It cost me $41 and I was like what the heck I can't believe this cost $41 so I was like I'm so bout to get my moneys worth lol.

But anyways, lol, afterwards I asked my mom if we could look in this lil gift shop and she said yes so we looked around at all the cute lil things they were selling. As I looked around my mom said there was a consignment store near by and she asked if I wanted to go, so I was like yea, lets see if what that article said about saving money by shopping at consignment stores is true. So we walked in there and it stunk really bad, lol. My mom decided to go to Radio Shack with my dad and brothers but I decided to look around in the store. I went to the small section and started looking through the clothes and OMG IT WAS LIKE HEAVEN lol. They had supa cute shirts that pretty much all cost under $10. I was like OMG THIS IS SO CUTE! and yup it was almost all designer clothes. I was like THE ARTICLE WAS TRUE!!! lol I picked out a few things 2 try on and settled on a cute Arden B. sweater. The price tag said $7.25 so I was like ok yea thats a pretty good deal. So I went to the cash register and the lady rang up my shirt and she was like "that will be $1.86" I had to ask her to repeat the total again cause I thought I heard her wrong, lol. I swear I wanted to start screamin in the store and jumping up and down, lol, but I kept all that happiness inside lol. So I was supa hype and asked my mom if we could go check out some thrift stores. I only went to 2 stores 2day but I def am gonna hit some more up in the future.

Here's some pictures of what I got...

This is a shirt from H&M, it was $3.99 at Arc's Value Village

These are shoes by Candies for $7.99 at Arc's Value Village

This is a Arden B. sweater for $1.86 at Turn Style
The uner shirt is also by Arden B.

Now idk bout yall but I thnk I got some pretty good deals. Would you ever go to and shop at a thrift shop or consignment store??


  1. Welcome to the world of thrift store & consignment shopping!

    That's pretty much how I shop and have been doing so for over a year now. I have picked up the cutest "quality" pieces on the cheap. When I wear one of my fab finds....people comment on it, (always askin where they can get one too!)

    Love your purchases!

  2. Thanx Necole, I really think I can get use to this, lol

  3. good buys!!! and GIRL YESS! I would....I just don't know where to go?? L.A sales everything "pricey", but i'm not giving up just yet...i'll find one soon hopefully!!'s called "thrifting" && do you know Michael Jackson himself used to do it for years!!! lol...that is sooo crazy to me...&& he would go to salvation army so he was probably paying cheap too!! but that was in his "thriller days"?!!

    anyhoo, YES i'd shop...almost wanna go out of state just to do it!! lol

  4. I most definitely would and have! When you're in college you gotta find alternative ways to maintain you're flyness lol. During the school year I hardly shop at the mall around my school, I usually always opt for a nice little consignment store that no one even knows about. That's another great thing about them... exclusivity! Ain't no shame in my game lol.

    Oh and sometimes you can find really good deals at Ross, Marshalls, and TJ Maxx! I'm an excellent bargain shopper :-)